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Fox Furniture

Logo & Vehicle Wrap

Goal: To create a logo for a mock company, Fox Furniture, and a vehicle wrap to represent the brand.

When creating logo projects, I start with researching the company, getting a better understanding of the industry, company goals, and brand. Then, I create simple sketches–rough drafts showing general logo concepts. From there, I choose the best concepts and begin designing on the computer.

This logo had me stumped. I must have done dozens of concepts and hours of research before I created this final design. What you see here is not one good idea, but rather it is a culmination of many attempts, hours of research, and design experimentation.


Design Program Project, B.S.
Pensacola Christian College


Advertising Design I
Create a logo and vehicle wrap for a company.


Logo Design


Vehicle Wrap




Vehicle Wrap

This truck wrap was created using masking and layers in Adobe Photoshop.

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