Here is a collection of merchandise projects for businesses, youth programs, and ministries.

Summer Study Sticker

This is an achievement award for students participating in the summer Bible study, using all their tools of exploration and study! Extra space has been left around the edge to allow for die cutting.

Client: National Bible Bee

Press On Sticker

This is a fundraising sticker for TeenPact Florida, a youth leadership program.

Client: TeenPact

Proclaim Shirt

This shirt design based on the message “Proclaim God’s Word”. The youth recite scripture in their communities and during the national competition.

Client: National Bible Bee

Trust Sticker

This design is based on the cover of Trust, a biblical study on the life of Joseph. The study is for children and teenagers. Background illustration is adapted from artwork by April Brady.

Client: National Bible Bee

Emmett Campaign Sticker

This fun project was for my brother’s TeenPact youth election campaign. This is a modern take on the biblical account of the crippled man at the pool who was healed by Jesus.

Client: Emmett Roberts

Trailblazer Study Shirt

This design is for National Bible Bee’s summer study program, a chance for kids and teens to explore the stories of the Bible. This design is inspired by National Parks, with Christ as the guide and living water.

Client: National Bible Bee