This is a collection of logos, an essential part of branding for the company’s image on digital and print platforms.

Fox Furniture

This project had me stumped! I had sketched, iterated, vectorized, and started over again. And again. Sketching is a crucial part of the design progress, and without that experimentation, I would have never come up with this design.

Client: Student Project – B.S. in Graphic Design

Turner Pinball

As I began to research the logos that represented the pinball industry, it was cluttered with busy designs and repeated color palettes. I developed 3 concepts for my client. His favorite concept was developed into the design you see here.

Client: Turner Pinball

Surf Week

As a student, I created this logo for Cocoa Beach Surf Week, a fictional surfing competition.

Client: Student Project – B.S. in Graphic Design


As the UX designer, I had a strong understanding of the this pinball-ingrated app. Using the app, the player scans a QR on the pinball machine, allowing the player to automatically save their scores and game stats to their user profile. This concept is reflected in the logo.

Client: Turner Pinball


This is a logo for T.D.I. Tim, a YouTube channel for VW repairs and turbo-charged direct injection engines.

Client: Tim Roberts