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National Bible Bee Competition

Goal: To create a cohesive visual brand for the theme Created across all aspects of the National Bible Bee annual competition including videography, programs, name badges, production assets, merchandise, and social media.


Enthuse Entertainment
National Bible Bee
San Antonio, TX


Senior Designer


David Beal, Animator

Rachel Bales, Social Media

Clayton Miller, Consultant


Project Management

Multimedia Design



Brand Cohesion







Each year, National Bible Bee hosts a competition in which 360 students (ages 7–18) compete using Scripture knowledge and memorization. The competition was hosted at the JW Marriott Convention Center in San Antonio.

  • 5-day conference
  • 1400+ in attendance
  • 360 contestants, ages 7–18
  • $100,000 in prize money

Event Theme Concept

Each year, National Bible Bee chooses a theme for the annual competition. This year’s theme was Created, focusing on the wonders of Biblical creation and the glory of God.

As I thought about creation, flashbacks filled my head of Sunday-school comic book illustrations outlining the days of creation. This type of imagery feels canned and juvenile, unappealing to adults and most children. Instead, our team wanted the idea of creation to feel refreshed and vibrant. Each letter in the theme logo represents an aspect of creation, chronologically starting with light and sky and ending with the creation of man.

As brand manager, it was important to coordinate with all departments—event planning, competition administration, event amplification, and video production—to establish a cohesive aesthetic for the event. I regularly met with the executives and stakeholders to present design concepts, share project vision, and gain approval to move the project forward.

Animated Video

Each event session began with a 5-minute video which included Scripture passages and set the tone for the event. The concept for this animation was to have every letter unfold one by one, flowing to life in the watercolor of an invisible artist. I created each letter using which was then animated by team member David Beal. You can watch the full video here.

Event Program & Badges

The program was the attendee’s guide for the week. It included session and competition schedules, venue maps, keynote speakers, and the competition qualifiers. Each attendee wore a badge and lanyard for the duration of the week. These two-sided badges included essential information that assisted with security, competition administration, and traffic flow during the event. I managed design, layout, pre-flight, and printing press contracts.